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Connects to a VPN to secure an online connection
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Browse the internet without exposing personal information and avoid unwarranted access to sensitive details such as your IP address and location. Connect to a VPN and set up data request redirection. The program connects to high-speed servers and creates an anonymizing environment for bypassing access restrictions to sites.

SaferVPN helps you navigate the Internet more safely. Thus, it avoids such common ill-intentioned practices as phishing and collecting personal data. This program is actually a client that uses the homonymous VPN (virtual private network) services. This means that you first have to create an account.

The program requires to enter your credentials and there are not many other settings, except picking one of the servers in the 30 countries from the list. However, if you have at least a basic background on networks, you can also choose one of the available protocols, which include IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSEC and PPTP.

From then on, you will be able to surf the web anonymously, and for any external server, it will look as if you were navigating from an IP belonging to the selected country. The program protects the data being sent and received using bank-level 256-bit encryption, allows up to five simultaneous connections and provides Wi-Fi security automatically.

Using VPNs is a resource widely used by people who do not want to compromise their privacy. Moreover, it can be quite effective to bypass local censorship as well as geographical restrictions, such as those who prevent you from entering a site from a forbidden nation. The main drawback of using this method is that you are confiding a lot of data to the VPN service provider. However, it is fair to say that SaferVPN vendors claim that they store no traffic logs.

In short, SaferVPN is simply another VPN provider. It works quite speedily without interruptions. Unfortunately, it does not support P2P connections. As to prices, there are various plans available, the cheapest of which still seems somewhat overpriced to me. Still, you can try their services for 24 hours at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Long list of servers in various countries
  • Excellent connection speed
  • Various VPN protocols supported
  • Keeps no traffic logs


  • Does not support P2P
  • Overpriced services
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